Meet our Governors

Why did you become a parent governor?

I’m the newbie of the Rufforth governing body having been in post for a year now. We have been part of the Rufforth school family for nearly two years now having moved from the south coast. The primary school Luca and Marco went to previously was much larger with 500 pupils. I was interested in the differences between a large school with multi form entry and Rufforth with classes of multiple year groups. When the parent governor position arose, I thought it would be interesting to understand more about the school and the education of our children. I feel it is important to support the school and the wider community and I felt this is a way I could contribute.

What does your role entail?

Like Dan, I have also been a member of the Standards committee since I joined the governing body, where we challenge and support the teaching team to ensure that our school improvement targets are met. We monitor attainment and pupil progress in relation to the school’s own targets and compared with local schools and national averages. Where we see areas that require focus, we work with the staff to develop strategies to support the children in reaching these targets. I was very proud of the teaching team last year when the year 1 phonics pass rate was 100%. This year I am the Chair of the Standards committee.

This school year, with Pam as Chair, some new roles have been created within the governing body to add extra focus. I have been assigned the role of Communications Governor. I will be supporting school in their communication both internally with parents and carers, but also outside of the school within the wider community. As such I would always welcome your thoughts, both the good and the areas where you feel we can improve.

Being a governor is really interesting and has certainly challenged me and driven me to gain knowledge through training, but I also feel it is a privilege. I am looking forward to the next adventure of moving into the MAT with Pathfinder and feel it is going to bring many advantages to our school.

Anytime you would like to chat then please do, I am around for most drop offs and pickups on a Friday. We really would like to hear your thoughts and ideas.