At Rufforth, we believe in developing firm foundations that help our children succeed in their learning journey throughout school and beyond.  We believe that all children deserve to be valued as an individual and we are passionate in supporting all children to achieve their full, unique potential.

Our Reception class follow the EYFS curriculum, which has seven main areas of learning.

Our core values of inspire, care, grow begin in EYFS. Our well planned topics have the flexibility to enable child initiated learning and the stimulating environments, both indoor and outdoor, provide rich and varied experiences. As a result, children grow into inquisitive learners with transferable, personal skills, such as empathy and independence.

Our curriculum planning starts with learning in the foundation stage. On all of our progression maps, the starting point from Early Years is mapped out. This links with our EYFS curriculum plans which clearly identify the transition of learning from Reception into Year 1. An example of a plan is shared below. For further information, please contact the school office.

EYFS UTW – Science – Curriculum objectives

Class 1 at Rufforth Primary School takes a maximum of 15 children. It is a single year class with a full time class teacher and teaching assistant.

This safe and stimulating learning environment, coupled with highly skilled staff, ensures that children’s personal needs and wellbeing are catered for.  As a result, children settle quickly and are ready to learn early in the autumn term.

Our Early Years setting is a stimulating environment that nurtures a love of learning and prepares children with the foundation skills for them to make ongoing, accelerated progress throughout their primary education.